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When I Look At A Candidate To Vote For I Look For This Trait To Tell Me What Their Value Will Be

By Josiah James Ingalls November 11 2022

If a candidate consistently goes over their time at a debate or candidate form then they will be a politician that steals from others. They will be a politician that disrespects others. They will be a selfish elected official. They will be a politician that does not care about you.

Think about it people go to hear the candidate speak if one candidate consistently takes more time than he or she is allotted that candidate is stealing time from the other candidates and stealing the audience's time. And simultaneously that candidate is disrespecting the other candidates their host and the general population that has come to hear them speak. You literally can measure the value of a candidate by their ability to more often than not stay within their time limit given. And if they do not then clearly they will not care about you when they get elected. Clearly that kind of behavior pattern screams selfishness. greed and Power as their personality traits. When I look at a candidate to vote for I look for this trait to tell me what their value will be as an elected official.

As someone who has run for public office four times and has seen the political process from the regular citizens point of view and from the point of view of the candidate, I have found that this is the best predictor of what kind of politician someone will be. If you want a politician that cares about you, that respects you, look for a candidate that cares about and respects others time.

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