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Common Sense Constitutional Gun Control

By Josiah James Ingalls November 24, 2022

Biden isn't going to be able to get any gun legislation passed because he refuses to approach it in a common sense way. And likewise the vast majority of Democrats refuse to come to the table on compromise for gun control and because of that Republicans aren't going to give up any ground either. When both sides stand firm and will not come to any realistic compromise no compromises possible. we see this over and over again every time there is a shooting everybody cries for gun control legislation. But nothing ever happens. Why is that why can't we reach a compromise. I'll tell you why because most people believe that some should happen but we differ on how it should happen. Democrats generally take the Viewpoint that gun control should only apply to the general population. But the general population of Republicans fear that the government will be the only one with guns and they believe that the constitution guarantees them the right to bear arms not only to protect themselves from someone who may want to hurt their family or themselves, but also to protect themselves from an overbearing government. A lot of Republicans believe that it is a healthy check and balance to have a well-armed population to keep the government from getting too big for its britches.

Which brings us to the compromise I believe in which no Republican and no Democrat in office has ever mentioned but makes the most common sense to me and meets middle grounds. And that is any gun control legislation also applies to government if the civilians cannot have that gun then no law enforcement agency whether City, County, state or federal can have use or possess that same weapon or ammunition or modification to a weapon. If the government wants to have gun restrictions then it must restrict itself from accessing those same guns. As long as the government is not willing to do so then no compromise will ever truly be made and we will be forever in this battle between gun control and absolutely no gun control. I think Democrats will find that if they are willing to make sure that any gun control applies evenly to every person and every branch of law enforcement, excluding the US Armed Forces the vast majority of the opposition against gun control will fall away faster than they could imagine.

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