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Party System Is The Worst Part Of American Society And Government

By Josiah James Ingalls

Am I a Democrat? Maybe or maybe not. Am I a Republican? Maybe or maybe not. Am I a Libertarian? Maybe or maybe not. Am I a Socialist? Maybe or maybe not. Am I a Green Party? Maybe or maybe not. Is Party Loyalty dying in America? Fuck yes it is. But it's not dying fast enough and it won't keep its ass in the grave, it is like a zombie not quite dead but it's dead. I make a lot of post about political things and make a lot of comments condemning and supporting a lot of different things. I have been called almost every party affiliation there is. But I'm not really any of them at all but I'm slightly all of them. I think the age of Party Loyalty deciding the outcome of an election is dying off very quickly. I feel that when the baby boomers are gone Party politics Will Make a huge shift and as more of them pass away it is shifting radically to a new paradigm. More and more people my age and younger don't really give a damn for Party Loyalty. Society is Shifting and it shifting towards a society of Americans that refuse to look at the world as everything is either black or white and or us versus them. People are starting to look at each situation and weighing it on its own merits especially when it comes to candidates and what candidates stand for. People are waking up to the fact that if they just vote straight party and support the party at all cost that in the end it will cost all of America nearly everything. And maybe even will cause the destruction of the Republic. The us against them tactic is doing nothing but creating a divide that grows with every generation and it will eventually implode. People are waking up to this and they refuse to be a person that votes blindly based on Party Loyalty. People have different ideas of what is and is not the criteria that makes a person a Democrat or Republican or any other party. Some people think that if you vote straight party that makes you a member of that party. Others say that if you tend to vote more one way then another that makes you a member of that party even though you may vote for candidates in other parties as well. And still others will say that if you run for public office on the ballot for a party then you're that party. There are parts of each party platform I believe in and there are parts of each party platform I completely disagree with. But the thing I agree with when it comes to all parties is all political parties are shallow and our moral deserts. The reason why they are shallow and they are moral deserts is because in their founding documents they don't stand for any fundamental principles at all. But instead the principles they stand for is primarily up to whatever candidate and or candidates that can win the most support and raise the most money. None of the parties have in their creation in there charter and or there constitution that all candidates for that party must believe in either X, Y or Z or whatever. Instead any person can call themselves a member of any party and put themselves on the ballot for that party to try to get that party's nomination. Which means none of the parties actually stand for anything solid and concrete. they are always shifting and moving based on what brings them more money and more power. When I ran for the State Board of Education I was pissed that I had to file to put my name on the ballot through the party it would be illegal for me to go down and file the documents myself to be put on the ballot. I had to give my application to be on the ballot to a party in order to get on the ballot. I could not just file to be on the ballot as an American citizen. Instead the party system made me have to choose one party over the other but just because I chose the Democratic party doesn't mean I'm a Democrat or die-hard Democrat. The dilemma the parties are facing has them kicking and screaming and having a tantrum like a toddler. It is that these younger generations my age and younger don't really care for Party politics. And even though they may put their name on the ballot as a party or vote primarily for a party they don't really give a damn for the party. Instead they see that the system is rigged and you have to be a part of the system if you're going to vote or if you're going to run for public office. So people just pick a party and go with it because remember the party platform doesn't actually stand for anything and the candidate stands for whatever they stand for. Any person can call themselves a member of that party. The Establishment hates the fact that the very thing that they used to manipulate society is the very thing that is leading to their undoing. It scares them to death that they can't really quantify these younger generations and how they're going to do things in order to manipulate them based on what they want to hear. It's got the establishment shiting bricks over the fact that they may lose the power they've have. So most of us my age or younger may be a democrat or republican or whatever party but we are in name only. because more and more of us weigh every thing separately and on its own merits. And more and more of us agree that the party system is the worst part of American society and government.

The original date for this is was not recorded the approximately year is 2018

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