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When The Tomatoes Hit You In The Face Turn And Stand Against The Wolves

By Josiah James Ingalls November 12 2022

What is it like to run for public office or stand up in society for a cause? It's like standing on a stage and having rotten Tomatoes thrown at you which attracts the wolves that seek to shred you into pieces. This only leaves three possible outcomes. You run from the tomatoes. You cave to the power of the wolves and become bought and paid for. Or you let the wolves do their best stand your ground do not let it change you and do as much good as you possibly can. It is the third type that has what it takes to be a great leader and Champion for the good of humanity. Just look in history to Martin Luther King, Gandhi and many more as proof of this statement. I know I have thrown myself on that stage multiple times. I have felt the tomatoes hit me in the face. I have felt the wolves ripping at every part of who I am, and or what I have done or failed to do. And yet I still stand and it has left me virtually unchanged. The only part of me that changed was it made my will to do good Against All Odds stronger. It's a good thing as a child I never knew when to fucking quit. That trait helped me indoor everything they could throw at me each time I ran for public office or stood for a Cause. I did not succeed to become a politician but Against All Odds I still succeeded in becoming a leader in the community. It is absolutely true what Gandhi said, "first they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win." And that has been the precise pattern that has occurred in the homeless shelter that I have created. Gandhi was right.

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