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Wake up and stop buying the bullshit

By Josiah James Ingalls October 15 2022

And So the real battle begins. they won't be happy with this and they will not be happy until there is a guaranteed protectable right to life. And when that day happens the federal government will lose more than it's ever lost before. It will lose the ability to go to war, it will lose the ability to sentence someone to death. Law enforcement won't be able to kill anyone without violating that right. if the anti-abortionist extremist win their ultimate victory of a absolute guaranteed protectable right to life, that means the government won't even have the right to take life. There has never been a guaranteed absolute protectable right to life, but that is what they really want. In order to prevent all abortions they will have to create a constitutional protectable right to life. Not caring the damage that will be done in the long run.

And most all the people that say that abortion should be outlawed and there should be a guaranteed protectable right to life, doesn't actually give 10 shit's about life, wants that life is born. Because if they did they would equally be screaming from the mountain tops of how inhumane it is to let people be homeless or to let them be starving or malnutritioned. Or to let them be exposed to the elements an extreme weather and die simply because they're too poor. No most people that are on the right-to-life bandwagon really don't give two shits about life once that life has been born. And that's because it's not really about life it's about resources and it's about wealth and power. It's about maintaining more people than there is resources in order to ensure that the wealthy and Powerful get cheap labor and enough still educated people willing to make themselves cannon fodder to fight on behalf of somebody else's political war in which all that we're really fighting for is power and resources for the 1%. The 1% always maintains Power by making resources scarce and then controlling that resource. And by making it where as many people as possible are born then they continue having all the power well the commoners fight and claw each other for what scraps are thrown to the ground. And as long as we're fighting each other the 1% continues to win. It's the same game they've played for hundreds of years. when are we going to stop fighting each other and declare war on the 1%? their life of luxury creates more death and destruction and suffering then anything else.

Most people alive today would say that the divine right of kings is obsolete and doesn't really exist. But it's never really gone away they just rebranded it as capitalism. The philosophy behind the divine right of kings was that the commoners were a resource to be used up discarded and thrown away when their usefulness had been used up. And likewise capitalism operates on the same philosophy. Wake up and stop buying the bullshit it's the same bullshit they've been peddling forever. It's like lipstick on a pig it's still a fucking pig. © By Josiah James Ingalls

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